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Become a Food Vendor

What is the best attraction at the county fair, you ask? It's the midway of fair food, of course! Fair-goers look forward to indulging in a little sweet and savory sin from iced white mochas to burgers and sticky ribs. Sign up now to join Clatsop County Fair's 2018 food vendor line-up!

Food Vendor Request Form

Those offering delicious delicacies need apply!

Vendor Information

Previous Vendor

List & describe menu items & pricing

Attachments Attach menu items and photos to avoid duplication.

Electrical Request

Electricity ***Power cords or hoses are not provided.



By submitting application electronically, I/we agree to abide by guidelines of the Clatsop County Fair, stated below, if application is accepted and booth space is available.
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Fees & Requirements:

  • Deposit: $200
  • Fee: ***15% of final gross sales. Due at close of fair
  • Additional fee for frontal space over 10'
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Temporary restaurant license

Daily Sales:

Food vendors must use cash registers with register tape at all times. Daily sales MUST be accurate. Tapes must be provided at the close of business daily. A $300 penalty fee will be charged if daily gross is not reported.


General liability insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 (some types of vendors may require a higher limit) for each occurrence written by an insurance company authorized to conduct business in the State of Oregon. The vendor shall be named insured, as well as the "Clatsop County Fair & Expo, its Officers, Directors, Agents and employees" shall be named as additionally insured. Certificate of Insurance MUST be on file no later than July 21, 2020.


Food vendors must meet all requirements established by Clatsop County Public Health, the Oregon State Fire Marshal and the Clatsop County Risk Manager.

PETS: No pets allowed on the grounds (including campgrounds) except service animals.

DISPLAYS: Tents or overhead canopies are not supplied to outdoor vendors. Clatsop County Fair & Expo is unable to supply extra tables and/or chairs.


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